Thursday, September 23, 2010

Walk In the Park Part 4

***Part 4 is up. Not sure how I like where it is going yet. If you have any ideas let me know. Part 5 will be up this weekend. Just remember the story starts where part 3 Stopped.****

The boy pushed against my hand for all his worth. He liked his attention, you could tell, but after his ordeal who knows when the last time he was touched as gently. I continued to rub his matted hair as I watched him start to go limp. The silence of the dungeon was deafening, my breath whistled through my nose and you could hear a faint sigh come from the boy.

I pulled back from him and stopped rubbing his head. You could see his lip start to quiver. Not knowing what the boy had been then before I retrieved him I decided it was time to get to know the story behind my chained prize. I walked to the sink in the rear of the dungeon space and grabbed a wet rag.

I whispered to the boy “keep your eyes closed, the light in here is dim but it has been a while since you have had sight”

I bent down and slowly pulled off the boys blindfold and wiped his face and eyes. The stains of leather would be there till he showered but I could get some of the sweat and dirt off his face and admire his boyish looks. He looked up at me and slowly opened his eyes and allowed them to start adjusting to the light. I watched him blink and try to rub them on his shoulder to clear them up. I reached down and grabbed him by the chin and wiped them with my rag to help him.

As he focused up on me I stared back at the most softest blue eyes I had seen in a long time. I looked deep into them and you could see that these eyes where not seething with anger or malice toward me but they were full of thanks. Caleb leaned forward and rubbed his head against my leg, his chains clanking as he tried to adjust himself. As the chains settled you could hear him crying.

Caleb and I had a lot to talk about that night. After he had adjusted to the light more he sat back on his naked ass and started talking. You could tell that for someone so young he had been well trained. Once he was able to see and had some food in his belly, he seemed right at home in his chains. I wanted to find out how he got to the tree where I found him, but every time I approached the subject his demeanor would change. I wanted to know but it was not time to push it yet.

You could see the boy starting to get worn out, but not once did he ask to be released. After talking for what seemed to be hours, I decided it was time to let him relax and adjust to his surroundings. I went to my toy closet and grabbed a front buckle locking gag and a padlock. When Caleb saw me approach he immediately knew where it was going and stretched his head up with mouth open to receive it. Once it was strapped and locked in place I rubbed Caleb’s head again and you could hear him purr. I walked outside the cell and locked the door. I turned around to hear and see Caleb crawling back to the rubber pad on the floor. He adjusted himself and looked straight at me with his blue eyes. With in seconds he closed them and was out. As I started to walk away you could hear him snoring under his gag.


  1. Great story! I really like it and hope there will be next part soon :)

  2. This story is great! Don't stop :)

  3. Was there ever a part 5 to this story?

  4. Wow this is an awesome story....keep going PLEASE DONT STOP.