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Have more updates coming

Hey guys,

   I have more updates from some recent play session. However it seems I have filled my memory that is allotted on blogspot. So no further posts till I take care of the situation. Hopefully I will have them before the end of the year.


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Mummification part 2

Mummification Part 2

This is the second in the series I started writing back in may on mummification. Take a look back there to get the basic information about equipment. This post will be probably much shorter since I will be talking about styles of mummification.

Mummy Style:

 This is the easiest of all mummification. It is simply binding the arms either at the side or crossed over the chest. Nothing fancy but you do have to pay attention to pressure points. For those of you that don’t play with duct tape that often, once you move in it, the tape has a tendency of tightening up where ever you flexed. This can cause great pain and aggravation to your sub.

I find this is the easiest position to handle long term. I have had a sub last 12 hours in this position, wrapped head to toe. Average length though I have found is about 3-6 hours depending on the sub and wrapping skills.

Doing this wrap:

I have seen this done wrong and the sub needing out before you are finished wrapping. I have learned after years of practice a way that seems to be pretty comfy for a few hours. Granted it can take me over an hour to actually wrap someone but I have gotten it down to about 30 minutes if I rush.


Have you sub strip and stand with arms at side. At this point it will depend on you if you want to inflict some major pain on your sub or make their release easy for you. I basically will pre-wrap a sub in saran/pallet wrap. This not only protects the skin but also makes removing the tape a faster process. I usually start in the stomach chest area first and wrap the pallet wrap around a few times from under the arm pits down to the waist area.
After that is secure to the body, I like to take each arm and wrap them in pallet wrap separately I usually wrap from armpit down to the wrist and over the hand. It is your choice is you wrap the hand flat or in a fist. This serves two purposes, first it is another layer to help prevent an escape but the pallet wrap will stick to the wrap on the chest area that you previously wrapped. This will help secure the subs arms and prevent much movement.
After both arms are wrapped you place them down to the sides. I usually will adjust the arm so that the hand is position toward the front of the leg and the elbow has a slight bend in it. (Picture just putting your hands in your lap). I have found that this aids in circulation in the joints and the limbs.
At this point you can start your taping. Now there are many ways of doing it, I prefer long term so I don’t make it as tight in the beginning. I will take the roll of duct tape and go around the body at chest level at least 3 times, then I will do the same at wrist level. This is the base of holding a sub in position. What I do next is where I find that I differ. Instead of just rolling the tape roll around the body I will tear the tape of in strips equal to the width of the body from shoulder to shoulder. I then will over lap the tape strips until I reach the waist area. I start the strips from side to side and then will sometimes do up and down as well to get a thick layer of tape. When the front is done I will do the exact same thing to the back. Wrapping neck down to the waist.
Now this sounds like a lot of work and I know you are asking ‘why don’t you do the whole body at once?’. I have learned that it is easier to fix an issue when you do it in sections. If your sub has either a circulation issue, panic attack or even needs the bathroom one last time its easier to fix the issue now when you haven’t spent the last 30 minutes wrapping someone and you get annoyed and it ruins your mood.
After you have made it to the waist now is the time to focus on the lower half. Basically you start with your pallet wrap and over lap some of the waist area, be careful that either your sub is shaved or you make sure you cover his crotch area well with pallet wrap, duct tape will always find hair.  Now this is a good time to take the towel you have out and roll it up long ways. This is going to be placed between the subs knees and ankles. This will prevent them from rubbing together and causing great discomfort to your sub. Plus it also helps with the sweat. At this point I usually pallet wrap to the ankles and then grab my duct tape. I will take the tape and wrap from the roll at his thighs and then his knees. I will then do the strip process again.
Finally it is time for his feet. At this point I hope you know where your sub is going to be spending his cocooned time. For me it is usually beside me on my bed so I usually just push them backwards on it. Then I start on the feet. Wrap them with the pallet wrap and the over with tape strips. Be careful not to get to tight because that is one of the fastest areas they will lose circulation.

Now some people may want to do head to toe. I have two recommendations for that. If you have a sub that tells you or that you will think will have an issue having his head wrapped, do it first. This way they can get a feel for it as you wrap them. Some freak at first but can calm down as you talk to them during the wrapping. The other route is doing it before you wrap their feet. I have done both ways. I have had subs panic when they were fully wrapped but once I undid their head they were fine and I have had others that once the panic the want all the way out. This is a personal judgment call. You need to know your sub.
And a quick note on head wrapping, I usually wrap the head with strips not directly off the roll. The tension off the roll can cause headaches and more. I also find that if you are going to cover the mouth that breath gag is helpful incase the nose becomes stuffed up. You can add or remove items but again know your sub.

Well those are the basics for mummy style mummification. It isn’t set in stone, it is just the way that I have done for years that seems to work. I will discuss more intense mummification at another time.


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