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Update 5/29/2012

Hello Followers,

  Well that sounded like a cult, but I digress. I have been getting many people asking me my "versions" of a slave or a pup or a whatever. So with that in mind starting June 1st I will be posting my thoughts on these topics. Keep in mind these are my thoughts and they may or may not be the same as yours, another Masters, or the "community". Use them as you wish, just don't act like they are the final word.

 As some of you also know the bf and I collared a pup. You will see more pics of our time together and once I get him motivated you will see his thoughts on life as well. I know most of you come here for pics so there will be plenty but we will also be getting a little more educational here as well.

 I hope you continue to enjoy

The Dogcatcher

Showing some love to the pup

So we didnt like the first tag we gave the pup, so we upgraded it for him.

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