Monday, September 20, 2010

Walk in the Park Part 2

I decided that I should still have him restrained till I find out more about him. So I undid the cuffs and rubbed his sore arms and then redid the behind his back. He seemed defeated after the quick burst of freedom and motion in his arms and seemed to go into a sulking position. I unlocked the massive chains around his ankles from around the tree giving him movement once again to straighten his legs. You could see the marks around his knees where he had spent the last 10 hours on them. Only one more chain to go, I thought as I unlatched the chain holding his massive helmet to the tree. The poor slave was so sore from being in the kneeling position he could barely stand. I leered over at the poor boy as he crumbled into a pile of metal and flesh, exhausted from his day long ordeal.

I reached down and scooped up the boy in my arms and carried him to the cruiser. You could tell the boy needed some attention as he signed deeply as I carried him quickly to the car. I placed him in the trunk of the cruiser and he curled up the best he could in a ball. I took his restrained wrists and attached them to the chains holding fast around his ankles and slammed the trunk lid closed. The echo was deafening through the park so I decided to head on home.

On the drive home I was still trying to process everything that happened. I had to decided exactly what to do with the chained piece of meat in my trunk. As I pulled into my driveway I hit the button for the garage door and parked the car inside. I hopped out leaving the boy in the trunk and went to prepare him some space to call his own even if only temporary.

I live alone so I had converted one of my extra bedrooms into a very nice play space. I have all the needed toys to keep a slave; I was just missing the slave. I unlocked the cell door and prepared a sleeping space for the boy. I went back down to the garage and popped the trunk of the car. By this time the boy was starting to fight his restraints again. Once I touched him he settled down quickly. I unlocked him from his hogtie and carried him out of the trunk into the playroom.

I place him on the floor of the cell and went to grab the keys for his helmet. I could detect that the boys demeanor was changing. He was starting to get restless and was getting noisy as well. From the grunts coming from the helmet I could tell he was gagged. I got back with the keys and was finally able to remove the very heavy and solid metal helmet from the boys enclosed head.

This boy had been severely pack. Who ever got rid of him loved his confinement. Under the metal helmet was a leather hood with 5 straps all padlocked in place. Well that explained the muffled grunts, I thought to myself. After I was able to remove the locks I removed the boys hood. He was drenched with sweat. His light blond hair was matted and glued to his forehead. He had a blindfold on still and I could see his ears wear plugged but he was able to speak finally, And speak he did. He started babbling all your typical questions you would expect from someone that had know idea what was going on. I place my hand to his mouth and he stopped talking. After a few seconds he started pushing against my hand and started to try and suck my fingers. I allowed him to do this after seeing the ordeal he had been through. It seemed to help calm him down. I pulled out the ear plugs and whispered to him that everything was ok. "you just need to stay calm, I am going to get you something to drink and we will talk in the morning". I went to the kitchen and retrieved a dog bowl and some fresh cool water and brought it back to his cell. I put some water on my fingers and told him where the bowl was..

I removed my fingers from his mouth and made my way to the door of the cell. I found no reason to remove the heavy chains pinning his arms behind him or the chains on his ankles hobbling him. The blindfold would help shield his eyes from the bright light of the room and keep him disoriented just incase he decided he was ready for freedom. As I got up I watched the boy rise to his knees and crawled his best to the water bowl, and start drinking. I closed the cell door and walked away knowing in the morning I had one hell of a story to listen to…..


Well there you go guys. Part two. Let me know what you think of it. This one has not had the grammar or spelling checked on it so don’t bad mouth it to much. Let me know how you like it


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