Monday, September 20, 2010

Walk in the Park Part 3

I removed my fingers from his mouth and made my way to the door of the cell. I found no reason to remove the heavy chains pinning his arms behind him or the chains on his ankles hobbling him. The blindfold would help shield his eyes from the bright light of the room and keep him disoriented just incase he decided he was ready for freedom. As I got up I watched the boy rise to his knees and he crawled his best to the water bowl, and start drinking. I closed the cell door and walked away knowing in the morning I had one hell of a story to listen to…..

Being my worried self, I turned on the webcam and quietly watched the boy from the comfort of my room. His body bent and inverted in a V form showing off his well trained smooth torso as he knelt licking the water from the dog dish. Once he had finished, he shook his head like he was trying to dislodge the blindfold still having a death grip on his head. With no change in its hold he seemed to test the limits of his confinement. Still weak from the ordeal he scooted around the dungeon area on his knees. The ankle chains clanking behind him and his manacled wrists sitting in the small of his back enforced his slow movements. It didn’t take him to long before Caleb decided to just curl up on the padded floor and drift into a deep sleep.

As I watched him, I sorta felt bad for the boy. Of course I didn’t know the whole story yet. But you see someone that you know has had some issues and your heart goes out to them. I laid down on my bed watching the sleeping bound boy, jerked myself off and went to sleep.

I was awoken to the sound of Caleb trying to get either free or just my attention. By the sounds of it he was putting great effort into trying to break the solid pieces of steel encircling his wrists and ankles. Since the room was sound proof I wasn’t worried about neighbors, however I was concerned on his aggravation level and the fact he was probably starving at this point knowing it had been almost 24 hours since I had first discovered him on the tree.

I threw on some shorts and made my way into the kitchen to grab a dog dish. I filled it up with some oatmeal and a fresh dish with water and started walking to the dungeon. I had decided before I walked in the room that the boy was going to probably not be happy so leaving him restrained as he was might be a safe thing for both of us.

As I opened the door the room was quiet. The boy had backed himself into the corner of the cell. He still had on the blindfold and the other steel but seemed to be in protect mode. I walked to the cell door and didn’t say a word. I could tell he could sense my presence. He was blindly looking my direct as if he could see through the leather blindfold he has wore the last 24 hours. I stared at him silently, more to see exactly what he was going to do. He opened his mouth to speak and a sweet and quiet, "Sir, where am I Sir"

I started to tell him but I stopped mid word. Instead I asked him to come forward to me. He was still on his knees and crawled slowly toward the door. I slowly unlocked it and met him in the middle of the cell. I touched him on the should to let him know that was far enough. He shivered yet again. I bent over and tussled his mussed up hair that still had sweat in it. He pushed forward against my hand like a puppy receiving attention and started to purr.

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