Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mummification Part 1

As many of you know I am well known for my ability to wrap a boy or pup up in a nice little duct tape package. This is a skill I have yet to figure out how I developed. But I have gotten better over the years with it so I decided I will give some advice to some of you out there that are interested in it.

First of I must say that this is a very tricky activity. It inst just wrapping someone up with tape and being done with it. The human body will adjust to the confinement but needs help along the way. I will break this down in easy to understand steps.

Step 1.
  Know your Dom or whomever your letting wrap you up. When you are wrapped you are pretty much in their hands and you want to make sure those hands aren't just covered in lube and cum. Duct Tape does not flex. it will bunch and get harder to remove if not applied right. If it is applied around the neck then serious consideration needs to be taken for someone to be watching what is going on. If it is around the neck the sub should never be left alone if they have any movement in the body. The tape can bind up and tighten around the neck and then the sub has a very big issue.

Step 2.
 Equipment for mummification is easy. A few rolls of duct tape, plastic or pallet wrap, towels, safety scissors and a willing body.

I usually just get my duct tape from Lowe's are Home Depot. It runs around 7-8$ a roll and they do offer a few colors in the bigger rolls. I will advise not to go cheap with the tape or you will have a huge mess on your hands. I have bought "store brand" before to save a buck and ended up having the duct tape start shredding as I pull it off the roll. This is a pain and not worth the "savings". If you are more in the artistic mood they now have many varieties of duct tape patterns to chose from. Just be careful, they are much smaller rolls. I usually use up to 3 rolls of regular tape at 60 yards a roll for a 6ft boy. You can use less or you can use more that is your choice.

Plastic/Pallet Wrap
Unless your evil or your sub really likes pain I always prewrap in pallet or plastic wrap.I find that its nice to have a large roll for doing bigger parts of the body like the torso, but the easy to use is the spools you find when you are in the packing section at Wal-Mart or similar. It is thick and easy enough to twist and turn around arms and legs with out a lot of fuss. Make sure you cover all the skin, especially if you have a sub with any hair. It is my experience that duct tape will find hair no matter how little there is

This is a pretty import part of gear as well. You will eventually need to remove your willing body from his cocoon. I use emergency shears. They are flat on one side so piercing your sub is almost impossible.They are also strong so even if the duct tape bunches you aren't sawing through it to remove anyone. Regular scissors work as well but have a tendency to poke and can injure someone.

The Willing body:
This can be anyone that wants to experience some very "extreme" immobilization. Like I said earlier know who you are playing with. Some subs can handle a head to toe wrap. Others will freak if you go past their neck. Know how much time you have to play. For me, I can take upwards of an hour to wrap someone. So all depends on how fast you want your work to disappear. I do my wrapping for long term so usually a sub stays in for another 2 hours after I am done wrapping.

These are just your normal bath towels. Only reason I am including them is over the years I have learned some tricks to make things comfy for more long term. I had got complaints after releasing someone that they could have lasted longer if their knees and ankles weren't smashed together. That is where the towels or some kind of padding comes in. generally one towel can stretch from ankle to knees and that will give them enough padding that the bones wont rub together creating a more comfortable experience.

Well that is the basics. This has gotten long so I will break it up in a few posts.

Thanks for listening

The Dogcatcher

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